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Temple of Lempuyang Luhur

Monday, September 23, 2013
Temple of Lempuyang Luhur located in the mountain of Lempuyang, Karangasem regency, east Bali . Hindu of named Balinese the sad Khayangan Agung Lempuyang Luhur, that it is the place for Hyang Iswara and Hyang Agni Jaya. Wali/piodalan(sacred day) held every six months, exactly in wuku Dungulan, Umanis Galungan, Thursday, or the day after the ceremony of Galungan. To go to the temple of Lempuyang from Denpasar, is about 80 kilometers, a trip about 2 hours to the east. Throughout the way, you will see landscape, the beautiful panoramas of the field of the rice and rivers.

There are 3 ways to go there, that is:
1. Way of Kemuda/Purwayu; to pass the village of Ngis Tista, Kemuda, Penataran Agung Lempuyang Luhur in Purwayu, Telaga But, To pass Agung to Lempuyang Luhur.
2. Way of Basangalas; passing the village of Ngis Tista, Basangalas, Banjar Gamongan, Telaga Sawang, Mpu Gni Jaya de Lempuyang right Madya-Parahyangan it advanced towards Luhuring Lempuyang Madya, To finally pass Agung and to Lempuyang Luhur.
3. Way of the regency of Karangasem; of the village of Bukit straight-line to the village of Jumeneng, temple of Kenusut, To pass then Agung and to Lempuyang Luhur.

Be careful, because in the rainy season the ways are very slippery and fangosos. But for those of you who like the adventure and the love to consider the mystery of the nature, the trip will bring to much diversion and pleasure to you. The temple of Lempuyang contains many of mysteries of of long term does, when Hyang Pasupati sang recommended Hyang Gni Jaya along with Hyang Putra Jaya and Dewi Danuh to save Bali of disaster. More ahead, according to the villagers, so or as to request, there is also the people such as who to come to the temple of Lempuyang for other intentions, to recover of diseases, she avoids bad, and is even politicians or the civil employees who request that its authority is in favor of always or tries to obtain certain position. They come generally in means at night, to avoid the public. It comes please to the temple of Lempuyang and obeys the rules in entering that the sacred place, so that your security is guaranteed. To request any direction of the Pure Pemangku (the person that is responsible for the temple) or any civil employee so that your trip is safe.

The means of Lempuyang have three versions which is :
1. Lempuyang take from the word lampu (light) that mean Lempuyang is a light from the God to stare all over the world.
2. Lempuyang take from the word Lempuyang which is a kitchen seasoning that can be used for some traditional medicine.
3. Lempuyang take from the word "emong or empu" that can be mean of the Guardian.

Lempuyang is one of the six major Temple in Bali besides Andakasa Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Watukaru Temple, Ulun Danu Batur Temple and Besakih Temple, Lempuyang take place in the East, in Balinese Myth, East direction is Guarding by Dewa Iswara that allways keep Bali allways stay in peace.