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Labuhan Amuk Odyssey

Monday, September 23, 2013
A little bit north of Padang Bai you can visit the Labuhan Amuk area, Labuhan amuk famous with it's Coral reef view. Most of the tourist do the snorkeling around the Labuhan Amuk area.

Now in Labuhan amuk also build a new Odyssey Submarine that make you easy to see the underwater coral in there, without fear that yous body will scratch by the coral if you do a manual snorkeling because some time the water is very swallow and not enough place to for your body between the coral and the water.
With this submarine, the visitor can see various of coral and fish in the very wonderfull marine view.The submarine can reach 35 metres underwater for 45 minutes. For only 50 $ you can enter the submarine with 4x17 metres size and 72,6 ton weight, after you do a reservation of course.This submarine maybe the fisrt underwater travelling submarine in South East Asia.